Amazon Music

A tiny over a year ago, Amazon launched in the United States a new mode of its streaming music service. That is a completely free mode that allows us to enjoy our favorite music but showing ads and only available for Amazon Echo.

The catalog available in Amazon Music Unlimited, is practically the same that we can find in the rest of streaming music services. So, the catalog is not a compelling reason to attract new customers. However, launching a service similar to Spotify, free with ads, if it is especially now that is also available for iOS devices.

The e-commerce giant Amazon has announced that its free streaming music service with ads is also compatible with both the Amazon Music applications available on iOS and the Android platform. Through this application, we will be able to enjoy the best playlists in addition to a large number of radio stations without paying a subscription, or be a Prime member.

At the moment, this new service is only available in the United States, United Kingdom and Germany. Hopefully, it will also come to this soon from countries where Amazon has an important presence such as Asia and other European countries.

With the launch of this new service, the company of Jeff Bezos puts at our disposal three plans to enjoy our favorite music. In addition to the one mentioned in this article, if we are Prime users, we have 2 million songs at our disposal for free and without ads through Amazon Prime Music.

But if we want to enjoy the entire Amazon music catalog, we have at our disposal Amazon Music Unlimited. Whose price is the same that is currently offered by both Spotify and Apple Music, Tidal and the rest of streaming music services.


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