Backlinking explained by web agency?

Backlinking explained by web agency?

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Have you ever heard of Backlinking  ? We talk about it regularly when dealing with SEO or natural referencing. It literally translates to our language as a backlink and is used to refer to a hyperlink that is found inside content that points to another website or domain. Its opposite is the internal link which can have identical formal characteristics, with the only difference that it refers to content that is on your website. When your customer identifies you with a link on their website, it’s a backlink. When your website links to another page on it, it is an internal link.

Backlinking: find out more!

It is regularly used by digital professionals, but very few are able to define what it is! In the field of SEO, SEO services in Pakistan can say that it is the fact of seeing certain professionals using it that will have made this tool common. However, a website without backlinks  loses its consistency and SEO capabilities.

In fact, when we insert a backlink type link, it is first of all to show the Internet user where the information or the product is outside the site. It is also a way of transmitting popularity to another website from its site. This is then a way of recommending that the Internet user read other content outside your website.

The fact of recommending another site is the proof that one trusts the information which comes there. This creates a feeling of security for your Internet users when reading this other website. A link from your website to another is a positive point for the targeted website but also for you.

Backlinking and popularity of your website

Backlinking is important and has enough benefits for your website. When a website has enough backlinks, it gains popularity. This gain in popularity can then bring traffic and SEO. In short, a better Google ranking. This is the reason why, in their SEO strategy, most web agencies no longer just wait for another site to recommend your website.

SEO professionals have been able to set up a real backlinking strategy. The end goal is to generate high quality links in large quantities pointing to your website. Google as well as the other search engines notice the backlinks as well as the increases in traffic to your site. The more your site is taken seriously and considered as a credible source of information for most Internet users, the better your ranking will be. However, you must ensure the quality of your backlinks. Indeed, if your site has many low quality backlinks, this will harm the popularity of your website and therefore its SEO.

More specifically, the regularly used tag for a backlink is the <a> tag. It is this which contains the URL of the site or of the content that you recommend to Internet users who are subscribed or used to your website.

The importance of the backlink

The link juice or linkjuice as it is commonly called is a significant advantage over the popularity . This is a concept that has everything to do with internal and external links. It is actually a form of popularity merger . This means that if several backlinks are found on the same page, we apply a concept of popularity sharing or popularity division.

Each of the links takes away a certain percentage of the page’s popularity. So, the more links your page receives, the more its popularity will increase as well as its ranking on Google .

If you want to set up a backlinking policy that will highlight the referencing of your website, do not hesitate to contact our web agency.

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