How To Apply The Moneyball Technique On Social Media

How To Apply The Moneyball Technique On Social Media

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This is why I enjoy sports films, such as boxing, soccer, baseball, etc. That excites me, real and touching stories. I think that sport and entrepreneurship are really similar: daring, tirelessness, perseverance, stamina … Even if you face adversity, you can never give up to attain your last target.

However, are you better to have an 8 million guy hitting home runs that gives 1 point or are you better to have 5 players for the same price, hitting singles and doubles and getting 3 or 4 points?

Ok, but what’s the deal with social media ?!

For several months now, I have been working with the  social media marketing agency team  to develop this strategy with our customers. I explain here how it all works.

The majority of Agency clients are fighting against the Yankees and Red Sox of this world.

Large companies have millions of dollars in budgets, a full-time marketing team, and a strong annual strategy. You, the “small entrepreneurs”, your marketing team, it’s you alone. Your budget stems

from “This is what I can afford this month” and your strategy is like

“  Yeah , seems like it’s been a while since I posted something on my social media. “

You cannot beat them using their rules and that is why you must use the rules of  Moneyball.

Build an effective action plan

Before starting any action on social media, make sure you have answered the following questions:

What platforms should I use?

Who am I talking to on these platforms (my personas)?

What is my competition doing?

What are my content pillars?

What are the important annual events related to my industry?

What is my annual budget for all of this?

Stop trying to hit a home run

A home run is spectacular… but it costs a lot and if you “  swing  in the butter” you just paid dearly for absolutely no results.

What’s a social media home run? It could be a viral video, web clips that run wild, a blog post shared multiple times, or any related post posted on your SRs.

When making your action plan, you need to establish an “operating budget” to create material, photo video, blog posts, etc. Your goal is to create as much relevant material as possible, at the lowest cost.

You’re aimed at the circuit expense if your annual budget comes to $10,000 and you plan to add $6,000 to your business film. 60% of your “payroll” went up in smoke if your video does not expand.

You are better off investing your $ 6,000 to create several video clips – from which you isolate the text to make blog posts and make sure to take pictures during the shoots to document everything and thus feed your media. social.

That way – rather than ending up with one potential home run, you end up with several  potential “singles” . What makes the beauty of social media is that, you never really know 100% what will be the reaction of an audience to our content … And believe me, you prefer that a simple turn into a homerun , rather than the other way around.

Analyze Your Statistics

Like any good team leader, it is very important to review statistics. It is also essential to take a step back in order to analyze what can be improved. It is then interesting to observe some of our publications and to ask the following questions:

Is my post a takedown, a single, a double, a home run?

What could I have changed to improve the performance of my publication?

To help you sort out your publications, here is the small glossary of publications, Moneyball  style  :


The publication had no impact.


In the first few minutes, we thought it was working fine, but it stopped quickly… a false joy.


Publication that works well (nice reactions and comments).


Publication that works more than estimated (reactions, comments and shares).


Post that works very well (lots of feedback, comments, shares and visible interest from potential clients).


BLOCK Viral content. The world recognizes you in the street and asks you for autographs (yes, yes, autographs!).


Even as a leader of a team, you should always stay abreast of what is happening in the free agent market and what is happening in other teams.

Concretely, here is what you need to do every week to stay on the lookout:

Observe the competition and see what it’s doing right, but most importantly, what it’s doing wrong. A misused post from the competition can help you create something beautiful and effective.

I end by quoting

Your goal is not to buy players. Your goal is to buy victories. To buy wins, it takes guys who go for goals.

So that do a lot of simple.

Now, if we adapt this sentence to social media, it would look like this (here, I’m the one quoted!):

“Your goal is not to create a viral video. Your goal is to get more customers. To get more customers, it takes a lot of posts that are performing well. “

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