How to create your clothing brand

How to create your clothing brand

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Today I would like to answer a question that has been asked quite frequently, so after the drop shipping wave there were a lot of people who had interest in this type of business and many of you have asked me questions about creating clothing brands. How are you going to be able to go about creating a clothing brand ? So be careful, I’m not a couture designer and whatever, on the other hand I do business and I’m starting to feel more how it works.

Create a clothing brand

So in this video I would like to share with you five tips that you can implement right away, to create your own clothing brand and sell your own print-on-demand clothing. So what is print-on-demand ? In reality it is very simple, let’s say you have two types of entrepreneurs who create a clothing brand an hire a social media marketing agency for branding it. The first entrepreneur will work in a rather traditional way, he will take fabrics and materials, and he will work these materials so that he can quite simply create his own brand of clothing, he will stock up, he will create a site internet and when he has orders, he will send his stock by post to his customers.

The second type of entrepreneur, the one who will work in print-on-demand generally needs almost no initial budget, simply because what he is going to do is that he is not the one who will. create his own clothes, he will simply create the design, and he will call on a company that will create the design that has requested them, and with each order on the website of this entrepreneur, well the order will be transferred to from the warehouse, they will create the garment on demand and send it directly to the end customer. In other words, thanks to print-on-demand you no longer need to buy the materials, work them, or send them, in other words you hardly need a budget anymore, the only thing that will really have to be done, it’s having a websiteon which you will be able to present your clothes. We will talk about it in this video and the goal is that at the end of this video you will be able, that you have the right resources to start launching your first brand of print-on-demand clothing.

Create an online store

Third step, create a store to offer your clothes. So obviously, as I told you, you don’t have your clothes, but you still have to create a store. For my part I would use Shopify if I had to create a store, I put the link again in the description of the video. This website will allow you to create your store in the space of ten minutes and you will be able to have a relatively really aesthetic design and especially optimize to sell, since I know that most people who want to create a clothing brand are artists for the most part and therefore you often attach a lot of importance to the personalization of your website.

Now I have a question for you, do you prefer a pretty but not optimized site or a truly optimized site with a design that you like but actually makes sales? For Shopify you will need a minimum of 25 dollars per month, with commissions on each sale, as well as your domain name which will cost you approximately ten dollars each year. What’s interesting is that with Shopify you will be able to synchronize Amazon, IB, to your or Shopify store, so as soon as you make a sale for example on Amazon or on IB, the sale will synchronize with your Shopify store and your Shopify store will directly place the order with from the warehouse, who will create the garment for you, with your design, and send it directly to your end customer.

Get traffic

So for my part if I had to create a new store on which I had to offer a line of clothes and well what I will do is that I will make sure to acquire traffic, thanks to blogs, why? Since blogs in fact create articles for you related to your theme, you will offer your products directly on your blog and in the end you will not have to really spend any advertising budget, since in fact you will acquire new customers, thanks for example to the blog articles that you will create on your website, people will discover you thanks to Google for free, and will buy your products and the day you decide to stop writing blog articles because you are fed up and well Google will send you traffic all the time, traffic,

As soon as you earn a minimum of 200 to 300 dollars per month, you will be able to contact an editor, for example on , have him write for you and from that moment there and in fact your business will really turn. automatically, since people will work for you to acquire new customers and you will automatically have the warehouses that will send the clothes, print them at your request according to the number of customers you have.

New designs

Step five, never give up and come up with a ton of different designs. The key in shops, the key in e-commerce, the key in creating clothes, is to offer a lot and test a lot of different designs all the time, because maybe in about 30 designs you’re actually going to have about ten that are going to sell, twenty more that are never going to sell, out of the ten that do sell you might have one that is really going to explode.

So don’t give up on the first design, if you see that it doesn’t work, what I recommend is to test at least one a day, and see more if possible, but from the start test three designs. different among the 3, at the end of the week you take the one that holds the most, you keep it, you continue to promote it, the following week you do 3 more etc. etc. etc. If you want to know as quickly as possible which design will appeal to your audience.

Note that, if you say to yourself today yeah but I’m afraid to show my design since people will copy me, I want to tell you and well listen in the end never do anything because in the end all the world will copy you, especially in the field of clothing design, clothing branding, in print-on-demand everyone copies each other, the thing is you have to be the one offer its range of clothing as quickly as possible to cover the market, and after a while you will just have to relaunch your different products.

If you are still watching this video, it is certainly you are interested in starting a business and creating a business, so in the description of the video or on the link that appears right here, I provide you with a series of six totally free videos that will explain how to start a business from scratch, just like print-on-demand, with very little cost, all of that happens in the description of the video on the link that just appears here, I say to you soon.

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