Instagram From Your PC or Mac
Instagram From Your PC or Mac

Instagram is the most popular social network of the time which is preferred by many users! Instagram is ideal for uploading photos of everything you like best. In addition, it offers many tools to customize your photos.

And put a unique touch such as: tag friends, filters, add location and color settings. One of the options that users have asked all time; is it possible to upload photos to Instagram from PC?

And the best thing is that you can do it from anywhere in the world and it is very useful as a marketing technique. This Social network is charming, it has me hooked.

After the growing boom on Instagram, many companies, professionals or brands need to use Instagram from the PC or Mac or simply upload the photos they have taken with the digital camera.

How to upload photos to Instagram from PC? In this post I will explain it in detail by showing different techniques that you have at your disposal to access Instagram from your computer. With this you will see which is the option that best suits your preferences.

How to upload photos to Instagram from your PC without having to install the application?

If you find it difficult to have to install the application to your computer. Do not worry! I will let you know a fairly easy technique. By which it is possible to do it from your PC or Mac by accessing Google Chrome or Firefox.

I will begin by explaining you very briefly and with simple steps, so if you have photos on your computer that you wanted to upload to Instagram, pay attention.

Upload photos to Instagram from PC in Google Chrome or Firefox

It’s very easy to upload photos to Instagram from your computer. The trick is to take advantage of your favorite browser to Instagram as if you were accessing from a mobile device.

The first step is to use or choose any of these browsers the one you want and access the main Instagram page, then enter your username and password regularly.

Once there, the second important step is to click with the right mouse button and select the option “Inspect” or “Inspect Element” as it appears on your computer.

Finally, as a third step, in the new box that will be displayed. Click on the mobile device icon and select the device you prefer to use, then you can see the icon to upload photos already at our disposal.

Follow these simple steps to upload photos to Instagram from PC. In this way the Instagram operating system will believe that you are accessing from a mobile device. Doing so easily activates the tools to upload photos to the network without any problem. Easy and fast, you can try it!

How to upload photos to Instagram from your Mac without application?

From your Mac you can upload photos to Instagram from PC without having to download the app, it is very similar when we use a PC. You must first download the Google Chrome browser or if you already have it, perfect! Once in Chrome, search the Instagram page and access with your username and password.

After this, the second step is to hold down the “Ctrl or Control ” key and right click with the mouse. Select the ” Inspect” option and activate the mobile icon that you can see in the box. This will activate the browser developer bar implying that your access is through a mobile device.

Once the previous steps have been followed, select the mobile device you want or the one of your choice by displaying the list of devices or Smartphone. To finish the process, you must refresh the page or press “F5”, you will see that the option of uploading photos emulating as if you were from a mobile phone will appear.

And if you have doubts about how to return to the normal PC or Mac screen, with just a simple “Click” you can do it. When you finish using the device version, you just have to close the PC or Mac developer tab and the view will disappear immediately.

Installing and changing your browser to a mobile version

Switching to mobile version is also very useful. There is the possibility to publish images on Instagram from your PC using a Chrome extension called “User-Agent Switcher”. You can download it for Mozilla and Chrome.

If you install this tool, you can change the agent of your computer so that Instagram believes that publications or photos are being uploaded from a mobile device. Do you want to know how to do it?

You must have the Chrome extension installed to upload photos to Instagram from PC and choose the preferred mobile version from the list of available devices. Update or refresh the page and then you will see the icon “+” characteristic of Instagram located in the center of the team; where you can upload photos being exactly identical as if you were doing it from the mobile app.

In this way you can enter without any problem, because Instagram has since recently published the publication or upload photos to this application from this type of mobile browser and having a similar result between them.

Now you can upload photos of your trips, adventures or landscapes to Instagram. Expand your business or the services you offer from your company, profession or brand. Choose the technique you want and follow the steps; truthfully it is very easy, fast and practical.


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