Samsung Smart TV

It is true that this is news that was already known but gradually it is officially arriving. Apple itself announced a few months ago the availability of this Apple TV application in the new smart TVs of LG, Samsung, Sony and now they are slowly arriving.

In this case, these are Samsung and Sony televisions, but there is more news regarding the implementation of this application on the most modern TVs so that all users can enjoy the newly released streaming video service Apple TV+.

Many of this year’s Samsung models already show at the top of their ads the integration of the Apple application directly into the system and at Sony they do the same despite being somewhat more discreet with it. This application is already available in numerous models and will gradually continue to reach more throughout the world. That is clear that Apple users can already see the movies and TV programs purchased through the iTunes Store and even access the function of TV channels of Apple itself, HBO and other services.

All this allowing user to enjoy these services without buying an Apple TV for it, something that we do not believe is “good” for the company’s sales but for users. In any case, see if you have to buy a new TV for your living room that adds this Apple TV+ application.




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